'Try January' with Ramsbury
07 January 2019
'Try January' with Ramsbury
January is the time to give new things a go, and so over the next month we'll be inviting you to 'Try January' with us. 

Firstly, we’d like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year! As we begin 2019, following the previous month of consuming one’s own weight in Christmas pudding and mince pies, we came across a way to dispel any January blues that may be creeping in.

With the New Year, it brings with it the perfect opportunity to reflect and look to make changes in your life, be they little or large. One excellent way to do this we’ve found is by taking part in ‘Try January’. As opposed to ‘Dry January’, which deprives you of some of the small, wonderous luxuries of life in possibly the greyest month of the year, ‘Try January’ encourages you to give new things a go.

To help brighten January for you, over the course of the month we’ll be suggesting  things for you to try with Ramsbury.   

 Try a Tour for Two

Ever wondered how a base of malt, hops and water is transformed into numerous different ales? Or has that special someone in your life got a particular soft spot for a G&T? For the most part, treating yourself to a local beer or ordering your favourite gin is simply enjoyed at a base level. But for the more inquisitive few, you may sometimes consider ‘just how do they do it? How do Ramsbury create the tastes which I have come to love and cherish, a taste that has become my go to?’. Indeed, you may have even heard it on the grapevine, and be keen to try such drinks for yourself and delve a little deeper into the taste of a Ramsbury drink.

Situated in the centre of Wiltshire’s finest countryside, our brewery has been a part of the 19,000-acre Ramsbury Estate since its establishment in 2004. Skip forward 15 years, and a brand-new brewery and distillery now sit together on one site, next to our shop and function room. We’re immensely proud of what we do and how we do it, so allowing visitors a glimpse into the world of ale and spirits creation seemed an obvious decision.

Throughout the tour, you’ll be provided with ample tasting samples of our ales, but better still you’ll get to smell and feel the very hops and malt which go into creating the Ramsbury taste. Over the course of 1 hour and 30 minutes you’ll get a full tour of the brewery site, including of our wildlife-friendly-reed beds which clean the waste water produced and a view of our own orchard.  

Following this you’ll be led through to the distillery where our master distiller will talk you through how our gin and vodka is made from field to glass, completely from the Ramsbury estate. Of course, no distillery tour would be complete without that all important taste test. You’ll be able to try both the gin and vodka as standalone spirits to get that complete unaltered experience, but we also have healthy helpings of our favourite tonics on hand so that the tour can be finished in the correct way – with an ice cool, refreshing Ramsbury G&T.

Tours run every Wednesday and Friday at 11am, or can be booked as a private tour at a pre-arranged time. To find out more about the tours, or to book one you can do so here or call us on 01672 541407.