Mockingbird and Mosaic American Brown Ale
11 October 2018
Mockingbird and Mosaic American Brown Ale
Let us introduce you to our new American Brown Ale  - Mockingbird and Mosaic.

The evenings drawing in, a swift drop in temperature and crisp golden leaves coating the ground usually sends a divide between people. There are those who pine for the warm weather to return and those who delight in sitting by a roaring log fire, with scarves and gloves drying whilst sipping the tipple of their choice.

For the latter, there are a plethora of ales to accompany them in such an environment, but there are very few which not only satisfy, but truly capture these picturesque autumnal moments in the guise of a beer. Of course, as all wise brewers know, tapping into these seasons with specific ales to match them is both fun and essential – and no more so than with a new brew dedicated to the fireside and warmth of a pub. 

With the world of hops at our feet, and our brewers never being ones to settle for the usual brew, we began to look further afield for inspiration. Our search took us across the pond, where the USA’s spectacular autumnal landscapes are well recognised globally as being a natural pièce de résistance.  This led us to the American Brown Ale, which caught our skilful brewers’ eyes. Its dark malt, chocolate undertones and fruity aromas accompanied by a bitter sweet flavour and rich earthy appearance had just the characteristics we were looking for.

To take this traditional beer and make it our own, we began with a base of four different types of malt which would thicken the liquid to give it the desired body. Chocolate, brown, oats and Ramsbury pale malts were combined where upon opening the vat we were greeted with a warm breeze reminiscent of a dark chocolate toasted cereal topped with golden syrup.

To balance the sickly-sweet malt and pay homage to the classic American Brown Ale, the elaborate citrus aroma of Amarillo hops was an easy choice for our brewers. Accompanied by the Centennial variety to increase bitterness so that the beer had the bite required and lastly a sprinkle of Simcoe hops made their way into the boil. The last of the hops were key in providing that ‘sense of Autumn’ that we wanted – their unique earthy aroma is synonymous of a dense woodland coupled with a flash of fresh berry notes to give it an appealing nose.

Since craft beer has swept the nation and become an art in itself, dry hopping during the last stages of brewing is a popular choice to give a beer that final aromatic kick – a fragrance that is definable and stands out amongst any other ale. Bursting with lemon and mango notes, Mosaic hops were picked out to bring out the bitterness required for a successful ale, complemented by its extraordinarily fragrant final scent.

The idea of this beer was not to just replicate a classic American Brown Ale, but to enhance it and turn it into a unique Ramsbury brew.  The final result of our homage to the ABA, is a stronger ale at 5.2%, with sweeter and more substantial qualities which our brewers are already immensely fond of. Aptly named ‘Mockingbird & Mosaic’, this ale is a romance of an indulgent dark chocolate fruit and nut bar, with a gentle bitterness and deep caramel colouring that makes it the ideal fireside companion. Without question, it appeals to all of the senses, exuding a warmth simply from the unique nature of the brew.

For us, the Mockingbird & Mosaic American Brown Ale is a delightful reminder for traditionalists to step outside of their comfort zones and try something a little different, whilst still enjoying a pint of Ramsbury at its finest.