The Story of Ramsbury Gin
26 March 2018
The Story of Ramsbury Gin

How we create Ramsbury Single Estate Gin. From raw to pure.



Our distillery is located just outside the village of Ramsbury in Wiltshire. Each year we select a single field on the estate to harvest and supply the distillery with enough wheat for a full year’s production. Grown in an ancient landscape recognised as an agricultural centre dating back to Neolithic times, we pride ourselves on knowing that it is of the highest quality English wheat.

We have total control over the process and can tell you which field grew the wheat in any particular bottle. We have selected Horatio as the variety of wheat we distil with, we found it gave the best flavour when combined with our state of the art distillery.





Before making gin we brewed beer, something we have been perfecting since 2004. We continue to build on our reputation as producers of some of the best and most award winning beers in the region. If you can make good beer you can make excellent spirits. Fact. This is because a large amount of flavour found in the final spirit is created during the mashing, brewing and fermenting stages of production, techniques that we have refined over the many years of making beer.




We believe to make great Gin you start by making great vodka. In fact, many brands do not distill but simply buy in, blend and bottle their spirit. Ramsbury Gin sets itself apart, elevating its quality and going through four key stages of production: farming, forestry, brewing and distilling. That is why if you ask us how long it takes to make a bottle of Ramsbury Gin we will answer with either 1 year to grow the wheat, 3 days to distill, 4 days of brewing or 30 years to grow our trees. Each one is just as integral to the process as the other.




As an integrated estate our distillery sits within a much wider eco-system. The heat used to distil our spirit is generated by a biomass boiler fed by trees from our own forest. The waste water is filtered through a reed bed system which creates an incredible habitat for wildlife. Our livestock are fed the bi-products from our brewery and distillery. And the spent botanicals used in our Gin are dehydrated and used as a seasoning in our Smokehouse.




Our Gin is a combination of flavours that have been harmoniously balanced and blended together. 40% ABV gives the spirit an intense smoothness. Ramsbury Gin is distilled with 9 botanicals (juniper, fresh quince, oris, angelica, cinnamon, coriander seed, dried lemon peel, dried orange peel and liquorice) .




Ramsbury Gin is unique and stands apart from the more classic brands it is balanced, fruity, sweet with a floral tone. Smooth enough to be drunk neat over ice and balanced enough to be an excellent base for cocktails. If you love a G&T try an 'RGT':

A generous measure of Ramsbury Gin, your favourite premium tonic, lots of ice and a thin slice of apple, quince or pear.