The Best Ways to Enjoy Our Beer at Christmas
12 December 2018
The Best Ways to Enjoy Our Beer at Christmas
Amongst the many decisions we have to make at Christmas, by far the most important one is of course,  what to drink?
Christmas is a time of many decisions. Norfolk Black or Goose? Brandy, rum or whisky to set the pud alight? Queen’s speech or a brisk walk? But, amongst all of those decisions, by far the most important one (unbiased) is: what to drink? 

Well, to ease the decision, why not stick with Ramsbury? From artisan ales to craft lager and Christmas specials such as our Rum Truffle or new Milk Stout, there is a beer for every taste ready and waiting for you in the brewery. Better still, there are many different ways to enjoy our selection of beers, to help your decision making even further, of course.

Throwing a Pre-Christmas or New Year Party:
  • Minipins & Polypins: when hosting a party throughout the Christmas period, it’s essential that the quality of the drinks you provide is memorable. With our Minipins and Polypins, you’ll have proper draft beer for your guests, as good as if it were straight from the pub! The boxes come pre-tapped, so that guests can pour straight from the pin. They also allow you to have plenty of your favourite Ramsbury ale on the go throughout the evening. Seeing as it’s Christmas, we’d recommend ordering a Polypin of the Rum Truffle, our special winter ale. Blended with spices and a hint of rum, the result is dark, intense and moreish in flavour.  
Christmas Presents with Guaranteed Enjoyment:
  • 9 pint Mini Kegs: the ideal gift for the beer lover of the family, these 9 pint mini kegs are not only a great present, but they are also excellent for sharing your favourite ale with your nearest and dearest! A wide selection of our beers are available in these mini kegs, but we’d suggest gifting our limited edition Milk Stout. It’s sweet, creamy and infused with chocolate malt which makes it taste like your favourite pudding. 
  • Beer Giftboxes: 4 different bottles of our beer and are presented in a neat giftbox. They make for a wonderful introduction to the world of Ramsbury ales and are a most memorable gift.
Hosting Christmas Day:
  • Bottled Beer Cases: everyone knows that hosting Christmas for the family means that you absolutely must have food and drink that caters to each taste preference, and enough of it all to go around! Because after all, it’s Christmas and everyone, not just a few, should heartily enjoy themselves. Our cases of bottled beer come in packs of 12*, so that you’ll have plenty to see you through the day. If you’re in favour of a slightly smaller, albeit strong ale, give our Storm a try. At 6% and in 330ml bottles, it’s strong, hoppy and packed full of flavour. The perfect Christmas Day evening beer!

All your Ramsbury beer requirements can be fulfilled online here or by visiting us at our onsite shop. Alternatively, you can give us a call and we’ll do the leg work for you!

Please note that for guaranteed delivery before Christmas, the last date for ordering is the 19th December 2018.
*some cases are only available in cases of 24.