The Proof is in the Pudding
29 October 2018
The Proof is in the Pudding
Our annual Stout returns for the winter months and this year, it's that extra bit special. 
As we approach the last couple of months of 2018, the time has come to launch this year’s Stout, because what would winter be without a deliciously bitter sweet beer to enjoy in your local pub?

Each year we brew a stout ready for winter and this year we’ve done things a little differently. Famed for its sweet, rich and chocolatey flavour profile, Milk Stout has a character difficult to rival. Though as our brewer, Fred, highlighted “It can sometimes feel as if you’ve had two helpings of dessert before you’ve even made it halfway through your beloved pint!”.  So, this brew requires skilful brewing to achieve the perfect equilibrium of sweetness, bitterness and richness. 

There can be a wonderful depth to Milk Stout, which we were keen to capture when we were composing our own recipe. A dark malt bill and black treacle are the base of this stout, providing deeply rich chocolate flavours. Magnum hops are then first in the boil to add the bitterness required. The quintessential English hop, Goldings, are then poured into the kettle which add spicy notes to the character. Whilst the smell was heavenly, the ale needed a little more vibrance so we supplemented the mix with Huell Melon hops. These give off a slightly fruity aroma and help to further balance out the bitterness.

This decadent dark ale is made ever more luxurious by adding lactose, which creates the Milk Stout’s exceptionally creamy texture. Not only does it add body, but it adds an extra layer of sweetness which draws each ingredient’s flavour profile together and harmonises them.

To taste, Ramsbury Milk Stout sits perfectly in the balance. Though dark and foreboding in appearance, what you taste will take you quite by surprise. Neither too bitter, too sweet or too rich. A delightfully lingering flavour coupled by its smoothness makes for a memorable, balanced and bitter enough drink that will no doubt turn even those who have no great fondness for stout into admirers!