To a New Year, and New Decade
07 January 2020
To a New Year, and  New Decade
As we enter a new decade, a lot as changed over the last 10 years here at Ramsbury. From new buildings, a new distillery and new people, discover how we have evolved throughout the 00's.
And just like that, it’s 2020. The beginning of a new decade. We can’t quite believe where the last 10 years have gone but they have simply flown by. Rather a lot has changed here at the estate. From taking our small brewery across the road, redeveloping and building a much bigger, state of the art brewery. And then building a distillery next to it too. Complete with our own milling system, natural reed-bed filtration system and our own orchard. After a move to diversify the estate and the farms where we began using and then growing barley and wheat for our beers and spirits, in 2017 we went further still. We planted our first rapeseed crops, installed a cold pressing and bottling line and began producing Black Gold rapeseed oil. Everything is done right here on the estate, just the way we like it.

From 2010 – 2020 we have evolved, grown and diversified rather a lot, with each new venture filled with the knowledge of decades of farming experience and most importantly a respect for the land. We are hugely blessed to be situated where we are, in the heart of the countryside, with earth steeped in chalk and the river Kennet running right through our estate. Our woodlands are home to plenty of local wildlife and working alongside local schools, we now run numerous conservation projects to encourage endangered species back to their natural habitats within our estate. Not only is this positive for nature, but it encourages the next generation to get outside, and learn about their environment in a practical way.

For everything that the last decade has brought us, and taught us, it has left us only with great appreciated for the landscape and an excitement for what the next 10 years has in store for us.