Try January: Looking after the Environment Around Us
30 January 2019
Try January: Looking after the Environment Around Us
The landscape around us has shaped what we do, and how we do it here at Ramsbury. So as perhaps a last resolution of January to take with you through the year, we’d like to encourage you to take in the land around you and look at the eco system it supports.
It’s a rare thing, a Single Estate spirit, but once found it’s rarely forgotten. Both the character and flavour which comes from a single source, as ours does, is the result of a delicate and deep understanding of the landscape surrounding us.  Not only do we make use of the land, but most importantly we sustain it so that we can continue our distillery’s journey for years to come.  

The Ramsbury estate covers over 19,000 acres, rolling hills interspersed with forests, chalk streams, arable fields and orchards. In the midst of this Wiltshire landscape, sits our distillery where each of these elements are brought together to create a spirit which we’re rather proud of.

Everything, from the water, to the wheat and even our signature botanical – quince, comes from our estate. The combination of the best raw ingredients, a state-of-the-art 43 plate copper column still and passionate master distillers creates a gin we think is a little special. 

Being farmers first and passionate about protecting the land we love, we decided we’d only start distilling if we could find a sustainable way of doing so and one which sits in our estate eco system harmoniously. We believe we’ve done this quite well…

Once the wheat is harvested, milled and used to make spirit, the spent grains are fed to our herd of South Devon cattle and Large Black pigs, the manure of which is returned back to our fields to fertilise the crops. Wood from our own forest is used to heat the stills via a biomass boiler the size of a small house, we even return waste water back to nature by passing it through our wildlife-friendly reedbed system. This natural filtration system, sitting next to our distillery and quince orchard, uses six reed beds to gently remove anything harmful from the water. The result of which is water clean enough to drink straight from the lake and a thriving eco system.  

As perhaps a last resolution of January, not only would we love you try our gin and taste our single estate produce for yourselves, but we’d also like to encourage you to take in the land around you and look at the eco system it supports. And what better way to reward yourself for being that bit more environmentally conscious and making those all-important small changes, than with a Ramsbury G&T...