Winter Serves - Smoke and Mirrors
09 November 2018
Winter Serves - Smoke and Mirrors
Our Winter Serve: Ramsbury Smoke & Mirrors Cocktail:

50 ml Ramsbury Gin
60 ml fresh clear red apple juice
20 ml fresh lemon juice
20 ml smoked apple and cinnamon Cordial

Stir all ingredients and strain over a cube of ice into the glass vessel. Fill up with cinnamon smoke and close the lid.

Smoked apple and cinnamon cordial
12 red apples
1 piece of cinnamon
Equal amount of white granulated sugar as apple juice

Peel and cut the apples into wedges and add them into a glass jar with lid. Load your smoke gun with the wooden chips and smoke the apple wedges for 7 minutes.
Juice the apples through a juice extractor, add sugar and the cinnamon and fill a plastic bag with the mix and vacuum seal.
Leave it in a water bath at 64 degrees for 4 hours until all the sugar is dissolved, strain and bottle.

Cinnamon Smoke