From our traditionally reared beef, our Black Gold rapeseed oil, estate honey and of course, our award-winning spirits and beers, we are hugely proud of the produce from our estate.

Our food and drink is created with the care, patience and knowledge that has been passed down from generation to generation of farmers, which is why here, only the finest products will do. You can find out more and shop our produce below:

Single Estate Beef

Our herd of South Devon Pedigree and Aberdeen Angus cattle are grazed on our extensive meadows through the summer & then during the cold winter months live in our purpose built barns. Our animals' food is all produced on the estate giving complete traceability. 
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This traditional approach along with air drying our beef means it is tender, full of flavour & ethically produced, just as it should be. You know when you buy Ramsbury beef that you are guaranteed exceptional quality, having been reared and butchered on site, before being hung for 21 days per heifer ad 28 days for steers.
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Single Estate Beef

Black Gold Rape Seed Oil

The seed is grown, harvested, cold-pressed and bottled all on the Ramsbury estate, with no filtration and no bought-in ingredients or additives. Rapeseed oil has lower saturated fat than most other cooking oils, and is a good source of poly & mono-unsaturated fatty acids omega 3,6 & 9, this combined with its excellent culinary quality makes Ramsbury Black Gold the healthy choice.
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Grown on the estate and then harvested in July and August, the small black seeds are then dried, processed and sent to the oil press. It’s a simple process, which works by pressing the seeds until the oil runs out. As much as 45% of the seed itself is oil, with the residue as with the by-products from the brewery and distillery, fed to the farms’ livestock so that nothing is wasted. 
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Brewery & Single Estate Distillery

From artisan ales, craft lager and award-winning Single Estate spirits we produce them all here on the Ramsbury estate at our brewery and distillery.
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You can visit our new onsite shop, or to see how we produce our beer, gin and vodka why not book a tour of brewery and distillery? Tours run every Friday at 11am, and include ample tastings throughout. 

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For more information on our brewery please visit or if you’d like to know more about our spirits please visit